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Radicalism is an attitude that craves total change and is revolutionary by overturning existing values drastically through violence and extreme actions. There are several characteristics that can be recognized from a radical attitude and understanding. 1) Intolerant (do not want to respect the opinions and beliefs of others), 2) Fanatic (Always feel right yourself; think others are wrong), 3 exclusive (distinguish themselves) and 4) revolutionary (tends to use violent methods to achieve goals). The characteristics of the understanding of radicalism cannot be left in the identity of Indonesian youth. Indonesian youth should have an identity that accepts diversity. The transition period of the identity crisis among young people is likely to experience cognitive opening (a cognitive opening), a micro-sociological process that brings them closer to the acceptance of new ideas that are more radical. Reasons like that which make them very vulnerable to the influence and invitation of certain groups through violence. Seeing this condition, Islamic Higher Education has an important role in preventing radicalism in students at Islamic Higher Education. Students need assistance and understanding so that they do not easily fall prey to radical movements, including through group counseling activities aimed at increasing the spirit of nationalism and tolerance in diversity. Group Guidance Activities is a way of providing assistance (guidance) to individuals (students) through group activities. In group guidance activities, group activities and dynamics must be realized to discuss various things that are useful for the development and problem solving of individuals (students) who become service participants. the topic discussed to prevent radicalism is the topic of "being a young intellectual with a nationalist and tolerant spirit". There are 4 stages in the implementation of group counseling activities namely; the stage of formation, the stage of transition, the stage of activity, and the stage of termination. The topic will be discussed at the activity stage. The activity of group guidance aims to add insight into the skills of knowledge and values and attitudes of group members regarding the prevention of tolerance by becoming young intellectually nqunctionalist and tolerant. To the extent that the members of the group are not affected to participate in radicalism activities which can divide religious communities.


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