Modality Journal: International Journal of Linguistics and Literature

Modality Journal: International Journal of Linguistics and Literature (e-ISSN : 2798-0723 | p-ISSN : 2798-1258) is a journal which is published by Rumah Jurnal Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Bukittinggi, West Sumatera Indonesia. The journal is published twice a year in June and December.

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Modality Journal: International Journal of Linguistics and Literature is accommodates scientific articles in the form of article publication, book reviews, original research report, reviews and scientific commentaries related to linguistics and literature.This journal invites researcher, academics and practitioners to contribute the results of their studies and research in the field of linguistics and Literature. In particular, papers with the following topics are invited: 

  • Linguistics : phonology, morphology, syntax, discourse analysis, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, and critical discourse analysis;
  • Literature : local literature studies, Indonesian literature, foreign literature studies;
  • Children Literature : literature studies for character education, and other literary studies;
  • Applied Linguistics: language education, developments in lexicography, translation and stylistics, educational linguistics, clinical linguistics, and other various interdisciplinary branches of applied linguistic.

To facilitate rapid publication and to minimize administrative costs, contributions to Modality Journal: International Journal of Linguistics and Literature can be submitted via the journal’s online submission system Online SubmissionEvery manuscript submitted is independently reviewed by at least two reviewers in the form of “double-blind review”. Decision for publication, amendment, or rejection is based upon their reports/recommendation. In certain cases, the editor may submit an article for review to another, third reviewer before making a decision, if necessary

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Vol 1, No 2 (2021): Juli - December 2021

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